• An Incident Report form should be completed for injuries or accidents, with a copy given to a child’s parents, where appropriate.
  • If the incident related to a problem with the premises, the Club Secretary should be informed as soon as possible and will notify the School via the Community Secretary.
  • If contents of the first aid box are used and need replacement, the club secretary should be advised and will purchase replacements, with the cost being reimbursed from club funds.
  • The club secretary will check the contents of the First Aid kits during September prior to the commencement of matches.

Tanbridge House School

First Aid Box: Located in Club Match box
First Aid Booklet: Located in Club Match box
First Aid kit: Located in Club Match box
Incident Report Forms: Located in Club Match box

Forest Recreation Centre

  • A First Aid Kit is located in the office adjacent to the entrance. Any items used from the kit, and any issues with the premises should be notified to the club secretary who will advise  the booking secretary for Forest Recreation Centre.