Incidents and Accidents

There are two main requirements for dealing with an accident during club activities: being prepared to take immediate action, and keeping a record afterwards.

Club emergency procedures should help all club coaches and helpers cope with any injuries as calmly and quickly as possible, and prevent further accidents at the scene at the time.

Every incident should be recorded as soon as possible afterwards, while people are still clear what happened. There are two reasons for recording and keeping this information: it may be used to identify problems and prevent similar accidents happening again, and it provides documented evidence of what happened if this is required.

Having an Incident/Accident Report form or book makes sure that essential information is recorded. The form should be completed by the main person who dealt with the incident. Completed forms should be kept by the club organiser or an identified club member.

The incident/accident reporting form summarises good practice when dealing with an incident or accident during club activities.